Applying for an Australian Tourist Visa 600

The Tourist Visa 600 has many purposes as a non-immigrant visa for people travelling to Australia for holidays, and recreation or to visit family (sponsored visa) and friends, and for other purposes such as exploring business opportunities exclude medical treatments. (Holders of this visa must not undertake any work in Australia).

Applying for a Australian tourist visa subclass 600 is not as easy obtain due to strict requirements and complex Australian Immigration Law. It is important to get an experienced Registered Australian Migration Agent who not only understands the policy of the Department of Home Affairs but also the Australian Immigration Law, will ensure you have a higher chance of success in obtaining an Australian Tourist Visa.

Watch the video to learn more about visa 600. Our Migration Lawyer Hanh Ho reviews the visa purpose, common questions, issues and answers. In the video Hanh outline key points and tip in making a successful visa application.

When applying for this visa outside Australia, you must also be outside Australia to be granted the visa. However, if you are in Australia and hold a current Tourist Visa, you can only extend your stay so that the total duration of your stay is 12 months or less, unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you wish to extend your current Tourist Visa, or Waive a No Further Stay condition 8503 our Migration Agent and Lawyer Hanh Ho can apply for a visa waiver, extension or change your visa category from a Tourist Visa to a Partner Visa 309, or 820.

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Issues Regarding Australian Tourist Visa Application

Most people who apply for a Tourist Visa subclass 600 are refused tourist visa due to many reasons but some of the most fundamental issues are due to the subjective view of department officials who make decisions on whether they meet the visa criteria.

Australian Tourist Visa 600

In many cases applicants believe that as they have had an Australian Tourist Visa in the past or have a sponsor they will be able to obtain an Australian visa. However, in such cases this is a misconception that having travelled to Australia or a sponsor and abiding by Australian Immigration laws in the past is the only condition required for an Australian visa.

Every time you apply for an Australian Tourist Visa you must always be careful as Australian visa requirements regularly change. Applicants must meet all requirements to be granted a visa. Where an applicant has a sponsor or travelled to Australia in the past to visit a family member and now wanting to visit a friend or boyfriend or girlfriend the department official may suspect that your next trip or subsequent trip to Australia is not for genuine tourist purposes.

There can be many obstacles to get around in order to get an Australian Tourist Visa. Getting help to ensure you have all the documents to prove you have enough assests and will return to your country means the difference of getting a visa or a refusal. Our Lawyer and Migration Agent Hanh Ho and our team can help you overcome many issues that lead to visa refusals. Hanh has the experience and knowledge to get you the visa you want. No Hidden Costs, just a great service to help you get a visa.

Australian Tourist Visa Quickly and Economically

We and the Department of Home Affairs both strongly advise you to use a Registered Migration Agent to help you get the tourist visa.

In order to be able to obtain an Australian tourist visa quickly and economically you need to meet all the visa requirements. Understanding the laws as well as the guidelines for obtaining Australian tourist visas can help reduce any issues with your application. For those who apply for the first time and you do not know where to start, look for a competent and reputable Migration Agent to get the most detailed instructions and increase your chances of getting a visa the first time.

Getting a refusal or having your application take longer than usual can be annoying and sometimes stressful in the case of a refusal it can also cost more to reapply as you would have to overcome any issues caused by the previous application.

IST Migration is an Australian Visa specialist company our Migration Agent and Lawyer Hanh Ho and her team is one of the best migration companies around. We have a 97% success rate getting a visa for people that have been refused visas in the past or need visa waiver. Also, to make it convenient for our clients, we have offices in both Australia and Vietnam where we are able to communicate easily with clients.

Meet with one of IST representatives to discuss getting a tourist visa. Hotline: Vietnam - (+84) 028 6290 6968 or Australia - (+61) 02 8764 3788 for a free consultation.

Multi Tourist Visa 600

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Considerations when applying for an Australian Tourist Visa

  • • All documents should be translated into English and notarized (if applied online)
  • • If you are applying for a visa for children under the age of 18, you will need to submit a letter of authorization from both parents of the child
  • • Urgent applications may be considered for expedited review, but this is only applicable for special cases, so if you need an urgent visa (for family matters only), please let VFS know when making your appointment
  • • Try to apply for your visa at least 1 month before your intended date of travel
  • • Make sure that you return flight is no more than 90 days. To ensure you do not overstay your visa due to flight delays make your return flight at least 2 days prior to your visa expiry date
  • • Make sure that you answer all interview questions honestly and do not provide any fake information
  • • For those who have visited other countries such as the USA or parts of Europe or New Zealand do not think that this will enable you to get an Australian visa. Australia has very different visa requirements to many countries including USA and New Zealand.

  • IST helps you to obtain a visa by applying for it again. IST examine reasons for previous refusals in order to overcome such difficulties

    IST obtain a tourist visa successfully. Your previous visa refusals do not affect your latter visa application, including Fiance, Partner or Spouse visa applications

    IST chooses the best visa options for you in order to secure a visa for your.

    IST helps you obtain a tourist visa successfully without going on tour, helps reduce the visa service fee and travel cost if going on tours.

    IST assist you with considering whether you should re-apply for a visa or appeal the deision so that the chance of success is high.

    Visa Refused?

    Have you been refused a Tourist or Partner Visa due to using unreliable services or an inadequate visa application? We are here to help you solve the problem.

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