Partner Visa 820 - 801 Refused

This page highlights the main reasons for visa refusals and common issues that IST can help fix. However, IST will not be able to help if you have submitted fake documents or fake relationship.

Most common issues of visa refusals are:

  • • Lack of Evidence of Relationship
  • • Inconsistent Information and Evidence
  • • Sponsor has already Sponsored 2 Partners
  • • Fake Sponsor
  • • Failing the Interview

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    These are 5 common reasons Australian Partner visa application gets refused.

    Lack of evidence of relationship between the applicant and the sponsor

    Section 48 Bar

    The first reason is inability to prove your relationship is a genuine one in the eyes of the Immigration Department. For example, your application lacks pictures together, no joint bank accounts, no message or phone call recordings, you have not travelled together or the sponsor has never meet the applicant their home country. The applicant or the sponsor cannot give details of the relationship, or the details do not match. All are definite reasons for a refused visa.

    Inconsistent information and evidence provided to the Department

    If you give the Department a fraudulent or bogus document or information, this may result in the applicant getting a public interest criteria PIC4020. An example of this would be, when you try to create a fake divorce certificate from your previous relationship, fake marriage certificate from your country, or fake documents to show the evidence of your relationship and you think that the Department might not notice or verify it – you would be completely wrong, because every bit of information you provide, and all documents you submit will go through their integrity check. If the Department has noticed the inconsistency the application can be refused and the applicant and sponsor can be banned for 3 - 10 years.

    The sponsor has already sponsored 2 partners on a Partner visa or has sponsored a partner within the last 5 years

    In the situation where the sponsor has sponsored 2 applicants in the past makes your application and the relationship in question. Your relationship must be genuine and you must have evidence to back it up. If your sponsor has already sponsored 2 applicants in the past, our Migration Agent Hanh Ho can help you with your application evidence to increase your chance of success.

    Fake Sponsor

    In some cases where there is a fake relationship, where the applicant want to stay in Australia and pays someone to be their sponsor. The Department handles hundreds of applications a day and have guidelines to detect fake will find out and you will receive a denied visa and a 3 - 10 year ban from entering Australia.

    Failing the Interview

    The interview is an important part of the Department's application assessment, if the applicant or sponsor is not aware of something as simple as their partner’s birthday, how the relationship was established and developed, or not remember any important dates about their relationship the application can be refused if the applicant or sponsor fails to answer vital questions during the interview.


    We recommend that clients use a Registered Migration Agent to avoid a visa refusal, but in many cases cost is an issue. Due to many issues in getting around a visa refusal the cost of a new application or fix an application depending on the issue can be high contact our Migration Agent Hanh Ho on +61 04 06 888 639 for a consultation to see how IST can help.

    IST helps you to obtain a visa by applying for it again. IST examine reasons for previous refusals in order to overcome such difficulties

    IST obtain a tourist visa successfully. Your previous visa refusals do not affect your latter visa application, including Fiance, Partner or Spouse visa applications

    IST chooses the best visa options for you in order to secure a visa for your.

    IST helps you obtain a tourist visa successfully without going on tour, helps reduce the visa service fee and travel cost if going on tours.

    IST assist you with considering whether you should re-apply for a visa or appeal the deision so that the chance of success is high.

    Visa Refused?

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