Applying for a Child Visa 101

The Child Visa 101 is for children under 18 years or over 18 of parents are residents or citizens of Australia. If you are the parent of a child who normally lives overseas and does not have a Child Visa 101 for Australia, you may be able to apply for the Child Visa 101.

Getting a Child visa has many traps for the unwary and the Department treats every visa application very seriously. The Department MUST be sure the child is yours and that both parents agree that the child can migrate. A child that is over 18 has VERY strict rules on how to prove they are dependent on the parent and not just at the time of the application lodgment but also at the time the application is approved.

Watch the video to learn more about visa 445, 101, and 102. Our Migration Lawyer Hanh Ho reviews the visa process, common questions, issues and answers. In the video Hanh outlines key points and tips for applying for visas 445, 101, and 102.

Does the child have to be in or outside Australia?

There are options for both. In some cases the child must be outside Australia when the application is lodged and when the child visa application is decided. In other cases, the child can be in Australia to apply. This is great for the applicant as it means the child can be with the parent while waiting for the child visa. To know which case applies to your situation you will need to consult a Migration Agent.

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Questions the Department Will Ask

The Department is very strict on BOTH parents agreeing that the child can come to Australia on a child visa. There are special forms to complete and there are ways to get around the situation where only one parent is on the birth certificate.

Child Visa 101

  • • Where are the parents of the child?
  • • Is one parent living in Australia either waiting on a permanent visa or already has a permanent visa for Australia?
  • • Where is the other parent? If both parents are no longer together, does the second parent agree to the child migrating on a child visa?
  • • What is the reason the child didn’t come to Australia with the parent earlier?
  • Many parents think its best to tell the Department the other parent is dead, missing or has never been involved in the child’s life. This is not going to help get a visa and is often the reason for a visa refusal as the Department demands a high level of proof about these issues.

    Do not expect to get child visa easily if both parents do not agree on the child moving to Australia. The Department is very good at finding the truth, if you have any issues getting permission or finding the other parent please contact our Lawyer and Migration Agent Hanh Ho for advice +61 04 06 888 639.

    How does my child qualify for a Child Visa 101?

    The sponsor must be the parent of the child. The sponsor also has the responsibility to financially support the child in Australia.

  • To succeed, you must be an eligible parent which is:
  • • an Australian citizen
  • • the holder of an Australian permanent resident visa
  • • an eligible New Zealand citizen
  • • the spouse or de facto partner of the child's parent can also sponsor the child
  • • a step-parent who is no longer the partner of the child's parent but has a legal responsibility to care for the child and the child is younger than 18 years of age
  • The child must also be:
  • • the biological child or adopted child of the sponsoring parent
  • • if older than 18 be financially dependent on the parent holding the temporary Partner visa
  • • incapacitated for work due to the total or partial loss of bodily or mental functions.
  • • single (the child cannot be married, engaged to be married, or in a de facto relationship)
  • • An adopted child must have been adopted before their parent became an Australian citizen or the holder of an Australian permanent resident visa or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

  • You cannot get a Child Visa 101 before an adoption process is finalised. Adoption is not an immigration or visa matter as it is managed through State governments in Australia.

    Are DNA tests required?

    Sometimes the Department does require DNA tests. However, we can guide you on these. Do not be afraid, if you are sure the child is yours, you have nothing to worry about.

    How long does a child visa take to process?

    Visa application times vary depending on the amount of applications the Department receives but the average time is 6 to 12 months.

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    How can I get help with my application?

    There is sometimes confusion amongst visa applicants when getting a visa for their child. Contact our Lawyer and Migration Agent Hanh Ho so she can advise you of the best visa option.

    Our Migration Agent Hanh will also ensure that you meet all the visa lodgment criteria and work closely with you to prepare and submit a completed decision ready application.

    At IST Migration, we have helped many people not only get their child a visa but also obtain the parents 309, 100 (READ MORE) and 820, 801 (READ MORE) partner visas. Call Hanh for more information about Child Visa 101 and/ or Partner Visas 309, 100 and 820, 801 +61 04 06 888 639.

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